StanGher is a house that combines only good ideas in various business areas. Our goal is to develop in different directions that may be interesting and useful for clients and also for our partners.

We continue growing and achieve new success and we always happy for those who are ready to become a part of us.

Our development directions

Real Estate projects

We are always happy to develop and build interesting real estate projects. We are always open to new ideas and solutions in these areas. Our company is ready to develop this sphere both in its own way and in partnership.


We develop many campaigns and effective solutions for investing potentially interesting projects and worthy ideas. Our investment companies are set up both to invest in business projects and to get third-party investments in our current and future ideas.

Сontrol & Management

We believe that only the right control and administration can rule a successful business. We have always worked on the right management tools and will continue to do it so that the business will be even more joyful.

IT technologies & development

Our company does not see the future without good IT technologies. Nowadays, only good decisions can lead to the desired result and achieve new heights and goals.

Our team

Stanislav Gherasimov
Fund founder
Natalia Pervushina
Chief Accounting Officer
Roman Sokolov
Chief Information Officer
Viktoria Lazareva
PR director
Yaroslav Kozak
Ukrainian Business Representative
Denis Bordian
Moldavian Business Representative
Alena Dubina
Moscow Business Representative
Kaplenko Oksana
Legal Officer
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